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Round 1 – 2010 FIFA World Cup Asian Qualifying

Round 1 - 2010 FIFA World Cup Asian QualifyingThe first round of 2010 Fifa World Cup Asian qualifying have been played on Monday night. Syria, Lebanon, Singapore, Thailand and Yemen started their group qualifying with big win. Lebanon posted a big 4-1 victory over India on that night.

Sunil Chhetri gave India the lead on the stroke of 30 minutes but this was all the visitors could manage. Roda Antar took just five minutes to neutralize the advantage before Mohamad Ghadar (61) and Mahmoud El Ali (62) hit quickfire goals to make the game safe for the hosts. Detail Report

Meanwhile, Malaysia will start their qualifying campaign against Bahrain on 21 October.


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Previous draft: Inter vs Juventus

It’s has been a while since I post anything in this blog. I saw there are few drafts that I haven’t finish writing and publish yet, so I decided to clear out some of the draft before starting a new post. Anyway, not much a post actually, just some pictures I took during a football match in Champions Youth Cup 2007. Enjoy the pictures from the match between Inter Milan against Juventus.

Inter Milan vs Juventus 

Quarter Final match between two italian clubs. Both teams making their way out to the pitch.

Inter Milan vs Juventus

Inter Milan as usual in their blue and black uniform and as for Juventus, they are in all white.

Inter and Juventus team photo

Team photo shooting before the match started.

Inter Milan vs Juventus

Kick off. Ready for some action?!

Inter Milan vs Juventus

Can you see where is the ball?

Juventus celebrate

Goal!! Obviously Juventus are too strong for Inter. They are totally in control through out the match.

Juventus corner kick

I took different pictures of set pieces from this match. The first one is the Corner Kick.

Inter Milan penalty kick

Inter Milan was awarded a Penalty Kick and had a chance to put one back but they failed to score from this spot kick.

Inter Milan free kick

They tried their luck from Free Kick but just couldn’t find the ball back of the net.

Inter Milan red card

Inter Milan hope ended when they were down to 10 men with a red card.

Juventus won the match

To my surprise, they are many Juventus fans came during that day, even more than Man Utd fans.

Match ended

The final score was Inter Milan 0-2 Juventus, goals scored by Daud and Pasquato. It was an entertaining game overall and Juventus have another clean sheet in their hand and look really strong in defense. There will be another draft about Champions Youth Cup I haven’t published yet. Is the Final match between Manchester United against Juventus played in Bukit Jalil.

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2007 FIFA Women’s World Cup

Germany 11-0 Argentina

Defending champions Germany trashed Argentina in the opening game of the women’s World Cup on Monday. 11-0 was the final score between both team and Germany has set a new record-setting victory. The margin of victory was the largest in the women’s World Cup, and the goals were the most by a single team. Clearly that Germany was in control of this match with a lot of time in possession, 67% and have total shot of 24 which 15 of them on target. Netted 11 goals out of 15 shot on target, not bad in their finishing.

Opening ceremony of the 2007 FIFA Women’s World Cup

This year 2007 FIFA Women’s World Cup is held in China and all the venues for this competition are scattered around the Middle Kingdom. The opening and closing ceremonies and the Cup finals certainly will be held in the massive metropolis of Shanghai. Other venues are located from the range in the river city of Wuhan, the lake district of Hangzhou, the panda capital of Chengdu and the Shanghai of the North, Tianjin.

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Later on tonight, Manchester United will face Roy Keane side, Sunderland away from home. Before the match start, I would like to pay a little tribute for the 20 Legend or the baby-faced assassin. As we all know, United 20 Legend, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer called time on his playing career on Tuesday after a long battle with injury. After 11 years in United since signing from Molde FC with transfer fee of £1.5m, Ole surely made a lot of impact for United with his clinical finish in front of the goal. I never see such a good finisher like Ole. He scored 126 goals in 366 appearances and this say it all that made him a United legend. He joined United on 29 July 2006 and made his debut on 25 August 1996 against Blackburn.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

After a long serious knee injury, Ole made his remarkable comeback in the appearance as a substitute in the 2-2 draw at Birmingham City in December 2005. In the following new season, his comeback became even greater when he scored a goal in an away win against Charlton and this was his first goal for the senior side in almost three years. This definitely considers as one of the greatest comeback in football history. Ole ended the 2006/07 season with eleven goals.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

How can we forget the winning goal against Bayern Munich in the Champions League Final when he knocked in the ball from Teddy Sheringham’s flick-on and beat Oliver Kahn in the stoppage time. Until now many United fans still can’t forget this great moment and with the wining goal, United completed the treble in that season.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

The expression and celebration that we couldn’t forget. He netted 18 goals in 1998/99 season and most of it came as a substitute. Because of that, many call him as super sub. We definitely won’t forget the 4 goals in 12 minutes as a late sub in United’s record 8-1 away win at Nottingham Forest.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

His relationship with Ferguson has always been good. Warm tributes from Sir Alex Ferguson – “Ole has achieved everything a player could ever wish to achieve”. Ferguson surely will miss the clinical striker and when he needed someone from the bench to give him a push.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

After a long serious knee injury, Ole stated that his knee has not been 100 per cent and he decided to retire when it flared up again in training. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to play at the level he wanted to for United and called his time and say goodbye to all United fans.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

“I feel proud to have represented Manchester United for 11 years and have some very special memories.”, said Solskjaer. United supporters also have special memories of Solskjaer in a red shirt, and will remain forever grateful.

Some of Solskjaer best moment:

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CYC 2007: Barcelona vs Manchester United

Few weeks ago, Champions Youth Cup quarter-finals match between Barcelona against Manchester United and Juventus against Inter Milan played in Shah Alam Stadium. Since Malaysia is out from the competition, I turn my support to my favorite club, Manchester United. The young reds certainly look favorites to win the Youth Cup after getting through from the group of death and they are the best attacking side in this tournament. Below are some of the pictures from the first match Barcelona against Man Utd.

Man Utd vs Barcelona half time score

The match started at 6.45pm and reached the stadium during the second half. Man Utd was already ahead with 1 goal.

Man Utd vs Barcelona 2nd half

Second half kick off between Barcelona against Manchester United in Shah Alam stadium. Hope Manchester United will defend their lead or maybe increase the lead with few goals.

Antonio Bryan attacking

Antonio Bryan tried to pass Barca defense but he just couldn’t find the way.

Youth Man Utd free kick

Set piece from Daniel Drinkwater and hope to increase Man Utd lead.

Man Utd scoring opportunity

Couple of chances for Man Utd in the 2nd half but they failed to find the ball back into the net. This clearly is a golden opportunity for them.

Barcelona throw in

Barcelona dominated the 2nd half and tried to find the equalizer to level the game up.

Next Ronaldinho

The next Ronaldinho? From this picture, it certainly look like Ronaldinho from the back but he couldn’t find the ball back into the net.

Antonio Bryan bad touch

Bad touch from Antonio Bryan which caused Man Utd some possession in this match. The reds clearly look more for counter attack and put many man behind the ball to defend.

Febian Brandy passing

Febian Brandy passed the ball back to Conor McCormack. Brandy certainly becomes famous in this competition around the local supporters. Every time he touched the ball, the crowds will mention his name once a while.

Man Utd vs Barcelona

The match ended with Man Utd 1-0 victory. But there was some controversy where Barca players complained about the referee blow the whistle too early than they expected. This is not the first time happened in this competition.

Man Utd vs Barcelona

Barcelona players refused to leave the pitch and continue to complain. The referee surely stands on his ground about the decision he had made.

Man Utd won

Manchester United won this match and advanced into semi-final where they will face Flamengo. Barcelona certainly looked the better team in the second half but Man Utd displayed a solid defense that let them hold on to the lead. Man Utd did have some golden opportunity with their fast counter attack but failed to increase the lead. The first match has ended and now is the match between two Italian clubs.

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Malaysia are the champions

Merderka Tournament Champions - Malaysia
Source: Pesona Batik

A perfect 50th Merdeka gift after Malaysia defeated Myanmar 3-1 in the 39th Merdeka Tournament yesterday night. There is no stopping the spirited Malaysia team especially playing in front of 40,000 fans at the Shah Alam Stadium. It was an ideal time for the Malaysia to become Champions for the 11th time whereby only left 2 days just before the 50th Merdeka celebration for our country. The Malaysia played with a lot of confident and Myanmar definitely had no answer to our attacking side which has no problem scoring goal in this tournament. This victory also brings a sweet revenge for the 1-2 defeat by Myanmar in the earlier group stage.

Malaysia opened the account after just 12th minute when Mohd Zaquan Adha made a little run and found himself one on one with Myanmar goalkeeper, Aung Oo and he coolly passed the ball into the back of the net. It was a good finish by the forward and a good link play between Mohd Zaquan Adha and Safee Sali. After the early goal, Malaysia definitely looks the better side and dominated the first half. One goal wouldn’t be enough to clinch the title because Myanmar worked hard to find the equalizer with their never say die attitude. Malaysia surely needs a second goal to kill off Myanmar hope. Malaysia did have couple of chances in the first half but they failed to convert into goal.

After an exciting first half, it was entertaining time for the fans in the stadium where they enjoyed watching the penalty contest on the field. Second half started the same way as the first half ends with exciting football played when both team tried to score goals. Malaysia in desperate to find the second goal to kill Myanmar hope and they did it when defender Myo Thant turned a cross from Safee into his own goal in the 56th minute. A good play by Safee passing Myanmar defender and passed the ball into the penalty area hoping someone will tap in the ball into the net before the ball gone out of field. Myo Thant hopes to clear the ball out from the danger area where Mohd Zaquan was just behind him. 

Safee the goal scorer

Safee made the lead to 3 goals and surely the title is in the Malaysia hand. An intelligent individual effort from him, coolly turned past his marker and slot the ball passed the goalkeeper in the 60th minute. I think he surely will earn the Man of the Match award after a good performance from him in this match. Myanmar did pull 1 goal back in the 73rd minute and they haven’t given up yet until the last minute. In the final 15 minute, more action are from the players rather than from the football which we saw some clashes between both side when Malaysia trying to slow thing down and Myanmar try to find goals. Now Malaysia is just waiting for the final whistle and start celebrating their 11th title in this tournament. Five minutes were added in the stoppage time and after that, the supporter went wild and start celebrating by making as much noise as possible and also waving the Malaysia flag in the stadium. We are the Champions!

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39th Merdeka Tournament Final

39th Merdeka Tournament Final

Final Score: Malaysia 3-1 Myanmar

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Malaysia through to the final

Malaysia beat Singapore 3-1

Yesterday night we saw Malaysia beat Singapore 3-1 and advanced to the final in 39th Merdeka Tournament. Striker Safee Sali returned into action after he received a red card during the match against Myanmar in earlier group stage but this time he scored two goals to help his team through to the final for the first time after their last appearance in 2000, losing 0-2 to New Zealand. The Malaysia under-23 will face the defending champions Myanmar in the final who advanced with a 3-1 win over Zimbabwe in other semi-final. Mohd Khyril Muhymeen opened accounts in the 14th minute and Safee Sali went on target in the 18th and 76th minutes. The Malaysia supporters will be hoping this time their national team will win this match against Myanmar in order to stop them having 2nd consecutive win in this tournament who they had previously lose to in earlier group stage.

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Malaysia need to win in order to qualify for semis

 Myanmar v Malaysia

Defending champions Myanmar beat Malaysia 2-1 and clinched a place to the semi-finals. Malaysian under-23 were down to 10 man when Mohd Safee Sali was sent off after only 40 seconds of play for elbowing Zaw Lynn Tun. Myanmar goals scored by Aung Myo Thant in the 42nd minute and Yan Paing in the 50th minute. Malaysia did pulled a goal back scored by Mohd Zaquan Adha Abdul Razak in the 70th minute. Now Malaysia need to win their last match against Lesotho in order to progress into semi-finals. Read more 

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Malaysian defender Asraruddin is wanted

Malaysian defender Asraruddin

Malaysia government has been investing a lot of money to bring all the top sides from around the world and organized the first edition of Champions Youth Cup in Malaysia. This tournament certainly brings a lot of benefit to Malaysia football especially to the youth system. Our Malaysian boys definitely gain a lot from this competition and improved not only their game but certainly their mentality as well.

One of our boys impressed PSV Eindhoven, which has one of the best youth development programmes in the world. Malaysian defender Mohd Asraruddin Putra Omar has a good tournament with his good left foot, fast pace and good passing skills impressed the PSV Eindhoven youth coach. Asraruddin, a leftback and also capable of playing centreback positions not only defended well in this competition but also created a lot of movement in attacking side.

“We saw player No. 3 (Asraruddin) play against us and the match before and we came away impressed. We would like to take him to PSV for a few weeks and see more of him in action. We have spoken to Jonathan Price (Chairman of the Gifted Group) to assist us in getting the player to PSV as soon as possible.” said PSV coach Peter Dekkers

After watched Asraruddin’s performance, PSV Eidnhoven liked the player so much that they are offering him the opportunity to attend a two-week stint at the club with the intention of joining the club’s youth programme. Asraruddin not only impressed PSV coach Peter Dekkers, he also caught the attention of PSV’s International Scout, Piet de Visser.

“He is a good captain and has a good left foot. He is very strong, fast and has good passing skills. Many defenders just defend well but are unable to create moves, this boy can do both very well. We look forward to having him at PSV.” said PSV’s International Scout, Piet de Visser

This certainly will mark the beginning of a new era in Malaysia football where by over the years, Malaysian players have undergone training stints and attended trials in Europe but always with clubs from the lower divisions. This is the first time a Malaysian player has been called up by a leading European club and hopefully more will follow.

“I hope other footballers in Malaysia will be inspired and encouraged to follow in Asraruddin’s footsteps. He has proven Malaysians possess the ability and talent to play football at an international level.” said Robert Alberts

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