Posted by: whatagoal | July 9, 2007

We are ready!

AFC Ticket

Got my ticket, got my Malaysia T-shirt and got my buddies. We are ready to go! Finally the day has come, we have waited since last week and everyone is very excited about it. I’m going to wear the Malaysia T-shirt that I bought to show my support. This group C opening match is very important to Malaysia because as one of the co-hosts, the advantage is on our side. A draw will be nice and of course we are hoping for a victory. Can’t imagine how wild the supporter will go when Malaysia score.

Malaysia nike shirt
I think this yellow color look sharp and bright on the shirt. Well represent the color of Malaysia!

AFC logo
On the left side of the T-shirt, printed this year AFC logo. Like this logo very much.

FAM Logo
On the other side, FAM logo was there. Look very cool with the ‘Harimau’ in it.

front zoom
In front the shirt, Malaysia flag, the ‘Harimau’ head and also the nike logo printed.

shirt back
At the back, printed the Asia map with few wording. Look pretty cool as well especially this sentence “two sides, one dream”

The confident is pretty high after another big name in Group B, Japan draw 1-1 against Qatar. Australia got the same result yesterday and maybe this show us that in this competition, underdog can get the result they wanted. Especially both co-hosts, Thailand and Vietnam started their group opening pretty well. This mean, is show time for Malaysia!

Back to the match, Japan should taken the points in this match but 1 goal advantage proven just wasn’t enough for them. Naohiro Takahara puts Japan in front after 61 minutes and looked good enough for Japan but Qatar equalize back in 88 minute scored by Quintana’s deflected free kick flew into the top corner. Japan wasted their last chance to take back the lead but the ball just went wide and the game ended with 10 men for Qatar when a red card was shown to Hussain Yaser.



  1. Oh yeaaaahh my man! It’s so damn fever now tat i can’t sleep~!! Not expecting much but it’s the 1st time watching in the stadium and it’s gonna be great time with great buddies.. let’s hope the match is somehow decent..

    And man, u’ve got the Malaysian tshirt.. arghh.. shud have got 1 too!

  2. dude what a nice shirt… anyway hope u enjoy the match tonight. if Malaysia draw or win then i gonna watch for the next game otherwise lazy…. hehe

  3. Jian: Yeah, I thought u will get one de but u are wearing yellow shirt also. Showing ur support!! Really fever liao man. Hope Malaysia will get the result and we will watch it again on Sat.

    kurukure: Thanks dude! Yeah, I hope so, maybe if Malaysia draw or win then u can join us on Sat if we are going to watch the next match.

  4. Certainly i’ll go watch with u guys if Malaysia draw or win over China hehe….. coz this Friday is my last day internship, so i’ll enjoy my life till MAX hehe

  5. Haha.. then hope Malaysia will get the result we are hoping for and enjoy ur last few days at Weso la.

  6. If somehow you’re no longer interested with the tshirt and thinking of letting it go, please let me know. I’m willing to buy.

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