Posted by: whatagoal | July 11, 2007

A Samsung phone for the winner of Man of the match award?

Man of the Match 

In every end of a match for Asian Cup, there is a Man of the Match award presentation (Adbdullah Al Dabal Man of the Match) to be given presented by Samsung and the winner will get a Samsung phone? If not mistaken, by looking at the pictures, I think it is a mobile phone that is presenting to the winner. Yeah, definitely is a mobile phone and is Samsung U600, Ultra Edition II by looking at it. Is it weird presenting a mobile phone to the winner? But of course, Samsung Ultra Edition II is a cool and brilliant phone except I think a mobile phone is not that appropriate and how if one player win the award twice or more? Anyway, I guess a mobile phone is slightly better than a trophy but maybe somehow they can present it together with a trophy and perhaps that will be nicer.



  1. Let’s hope a Malaysian player will get 1 of those.. ermm.. .possible?!

  2. Haha, good question… I hope so 🙂 but in order for Malaysian player to get one, they have to get a better result in the next remaining matches.

  3. Why the giving out of the samsung phone? better give out o2 le more valuable. but throphy more suitable for competiton because it memorable than the phone unless u the phone with special edition type just for the games otherwise lame….

  4. Ya, it’s kinda weird giving out a mobile phone. Hehe, the award is sponsor by Samsung so can’t give other brand… but O2 not bad also or IPhone 😛

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