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Match day: Malaysia vs China

AFC logo
Asian cup logo

On Tuesday night, here we are at Bukit Jalil for the match Malaysia against China opening of group C. We reach there around 8pm something; joining other Malaysian to show our support to the national team. The traffic was terrible and took us like forever to find a parking space. We ended up parking our car far away from the stadium but of course, we are still pretty exciting about it especially when saw many supporter waving the Malaysia flag all the way to the stadium. I have to say, we came with high expectation and was looking for some result.

lining up
Singing the Nationl Anthem

Negara Ku~

Walking step-by-step toward and entering the stadium was a tremendous feeling when seeing many supporters making the sound. The noise level of the supporter was so loud making the atmosphere even exhilarating. Kick off was exactly at 8.35pm and players will battle through the next 90 minutes. The game started with plenty of energy in both side but Malaysia’s defense look slightly vulnerable and extremely dangerous. China just needed 15 minute to break our defensive line by heading in the goal back into the net scored by Peng Han. But Malaysia supporter haven’t given up yet, still shouting and trying to make as much noise as possible to show our support to them.

shake hand
Some encouraging word before the match “Semagat boy”

bukit jalil
The game has started!

Mas free kick
Mohamad Hardi Jaafar’s free kick

But our voice wasn’t enough for them; it was tactics and skills the Malaysia lacking off in order to score a goal. In 36 minute, Jiayi Shao netted the second goal for China and the home supporter gone silent. It was then only we noticed that the quality difference between players is obvious. The score line stay in that way till the end of first half.

Mas 0-1 China
First goal for China

warming up
Substitute warming up during half time

mas corner
Malaysia trying to respond back

Second half started with no different as Malaysia keep pushed by China. For me, Malaysia always looks short of man on the field and China was everywhere making the Malaysia keep chasing the ball. I remember there was a Malaysia supporter shouting “Suruh main bola, bukan kejar bola” and some of the reaction from the other crowd was hilarious as well such as “pakai Nike pun tak guna, lebih baik pakai balik Adidas” and “ticket harga 20 ringgit!”. I understand their feeling especially when China netted 2 goals in just 5-minute time. Although there was time when Malaysia supporter given up and said some hilarious words but I know deep down their heart and mine as well, we are still fully support our country 100%. This was best proven when Malaysia finally score a goal in 72 minute by Indra Putra Mahayudin and the crowd went wild, screaming out their joy and by the look at their face, the love for the national team is always inside their heart. Can’t really describe the feeling but it was damn pleased to see Malaysia score one back. After that, the team and the supporter were in high spirit, launching few attacking attempt hoping to score again and hopefully to get a miracle comeback. But of course, that didn’t happen and the match ended with another goal by China making the final score Malaysia 1-5 China.

asking for yellow card
Anger supporter shouting “Yellow card please!”

Mas goal
Delighted Malaysian screaming “What a Goal”

final score
Final score

Overall it was a great experience for us and hopes Malaysia will do well and improve their game in the following match. Malaysia let too many crosses in and defended badly. Anyway, we all will still support our national team till the end and hoping for a better performance on Saturday match. More pictures at below.

Click thumbnail to enlarge.

tired throw in mas second sub 

china sub start over field 

warm up mas fans wild 

half time mas 2nd free kick mas sub

Enough camera 4-0



  1. sad case for Malaysia national team, most probably they lack of experience yet skills. all the players really chased the ball more than play the ball with skills. anyway i still support my own country team. hope they will improve and learn more from the match.

  2. Yeah, really is sad but I hope they learn something from this match and improve in the following match.

  3. Hope the match today is much better.. woppss.. same amount of goals going in..

  4. Haha, Malaysia boleh!!!?? Let in 10 goals in 2 games…

  5. […] were trashed 5-0 by Uzbekistan at Bukit Jalil. The match played pretty much the same compare to the opening match against China. Some changes had been made in the squad but the result remains the same. Only 5 […]

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