Posted by: whatagoal | July 14, 2007


Foosball table

I never knew its call foosball, always called it as table soccer. I played once and I have to say, it’s a very hard game to get control of it. Skill and fast respond is needed, surely require time to practice as well. I think foosball come to notice for me when I started watching Friends. If you watched Friends before, you will know Joey and Chandler had a foosball table in their apartment as a dining table. It all started; when they wanted to buy a new dining table instead they came upon with a foosball table and bought it. And the foosball table becomes part of the series. They played a lot but still let Monica beat the crap out of them.

friends foosball

Last weekend, I went to 1 Utama and noticed there was a Foosball competition called “The one challenge, table soccer championship”. It was held by Foosball Community Malaysia and this community helps to promote foosball around the nation. They even have a campaign call “Rediscovery Foosball” and is a drive to help spread foosball to the entire nation. We can help them to spread out the word by placing a banner to your site/blog. This will help them to bring up the quality and numbers of foosers in Malaysia. Making foosball a truly enjoyable and competitive game for everyone!

the one



  1. hwuahhh~! nice association, let’s foosball! (i din know it was spelled this way.. tot it was fusball) haha

  2. wakaka…. dude it really hard to control the ball n need some skills to play with it. foosball is a popular game in college around subang le.. every nite u can see them playing hehe… find a day to play it hehe

  3. Come, let’s foosball.. Foosball and fustal together 🙂

    Hehe, my college day was long time ago but will go there and have a look 🙂

  4. in part 1×12 bought my first table football .. from which often have this species? I would like to buy the same as the first one not this

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