Posted by: whatagoal | July 29, 2007

Korea Republic beat Japan in Shootout

The Korean team faced another penalties shootout in yesterday 3rd/4th place playoff match against Japan at Jaka Baring Stadium, Palembang, Indonesia. After seeing another goalless draw after the extra time for the Koreans, I think they really have to work things out regarding to their poor finishing in the penalty box. It was the third consecutive 0-0 draw for the Koreans but they win it in a penalties shootout. Maybe the Koreans already got used to this kind situation and benefit from it.

Asian Cup 3rd place playoff

Apart from their trouble finding a goal, the Koreans defended very well in this tournament. They didn’t concede any goal for the fourth consecutive game after the match against Bahrain. This is all because the hard work the Korean defenders have put in but their task become even harder when Kang Min-soo was sent off for his second yellow card in the 56th minute. With extra man on the field for Japan, they took full advantage of it by controlling the possession and launching a few attacking attempt. For the first time, we saw the Koreans finally exhausted by playing one man short for almost 1 hour on the field. I mean we all can understand, this is their third consecutive extra time match and playing a man short against the Japanese side, they are human after all.

Japan have a golden opportunity and can have won the game in the fourth minute of stoppage time when Hisato Sato’s shot from the left went just few inches wide of the far post. After missed the golden chance, Japan dominated the entire extra time but despite their numerical superiority, the Japanese struggled to break down the resolute Korean defense.

Asian Cup 3rd place playoff

We saw a perfect showcase of penalties in the shootout when both sides clinically netted their first five spot kicks and I especially like the kick from Endo. If you have watched him taken penalties against the Aussie and the Korean before, you will know what I mean. He is the coolest penalty taker I have ever see. When he took his penalty kick, he never look at the ball or the position of the post, he will just look directly in the eyes of the keeper and coolly passes the ball into the opposite side where the keeper will dive.

After Kim Chi-woo had put the Koreans in front 6-5, Hanyu’s centrally-struck attempt was kept out by the raised right hand of Lee, giving the Koreans their second shootout win of the tournament.

Asian Cup 3rd place playoff


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