Posted by: whatagoal | August 3, 2007

Rhain Davis, the DVD wonder kid?

This summer Manchester United have signed three new players, Anderson, Owen Hargreaves and Nani. But yesterday, Man Utd signed another new ‘boy’ and his name is Rhain Davis. While Anderson, Owen Hargreaves and Nani are all in their twenty but this new ‘boy’ are much younger than any of them. He is only nine-year-old! How Man Utd have noticed the talented boy who are playing in Brisbane, Australia? His grandfather sent a copy of DVD to the youth staff at Manchester United showcasing the boy’s talents and impressed them.

After lived in Australia since the age of four, now he has moved back to Cheshire in northern England with his father, near the club’s training ground. He already has been hailed by the British press as the next Wayne Rooney but certainly he has still a lot to learn from his hero. Maybe they should have a skills contest between him and Ronaldo, to see who is better. His talents now are showcasing in YouTube and his clip already viewed more than 800,000 times. Check out his skills!! 


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