Posted by: whatagoal | August 8, 2007

AFC Asian Cup Flashback: Quarter-Final 2

Asian Cup 2007 ended in last Sunday and we have our new Asia Champions, Iraq. I think many of us wouldn’t think of Iraq lifting the Asian Cup but fairy tale ending do exist. I went to watch live football matches 3 times during the Asian Cup and I haven’t post the last match I attended yet. The match was Quarter-Final 2 where Korea face Iran in Bukit Jalil. Just want to share some pictures I took and review the exciting match.

Korea vs Iran
The same penalty game I saw during the match, Malaysia against Uzbekistan. This time I get to shot a closer look at it. The person who can put the ball back in the net will get a ING teddy bear key chain. Wanted to give it a try but since there are many people lined up so in the end, I gave up.

Korea vs Iran
We have a nicer seat in this match where the pitch looks so close to us. Since we are here to support the Korea team, so we packed up together with all the Korean and start cheering for the Korea team.

Korea warming up before the game
We arrived early because all the tickets are in free seating base and happen to catch the Korea team warming up before the match.

Red Devils
Red is the color for the Korean and the stadium was packed with this color. Unfortunately, I wasn’t wearing red color shirt on that day.

Korea vs Iran
Game on! I can’t wait for the match to start. Is kind of weird supporting for other country but since Malaysia is out from the tournament, I guess is ok to pick one team to support. I always like the Korean because of their hard work and their character.

Korea vs Iran
Some actions from that match. Although we have a closer view to the field but our angle is lower compare to the previous matches where we were in higher seat. Is certainly a different two feeling and I do prefer to have higher seat in order to have better angle viewing.

Korean subs warming up
The match ended in 0-0 after the first half and hopes the second half will be a better one. Some Korean substitutes warming up and hoping to get a chance in the 2nd half.

Two Korean Blocking The View
The Koreans was really so into the action and was proven during the entire match even though their team didn’t have any clear cut chance during the match. They stand and shout for the entire game in order to make as much noise as possible for their Korea team. Maybe these two kids get over excited and just won’t keep their butt down on the chair. This eventually blocked not only our view but many others as well and some of them were elder. I remember few of the elder moved their place to other seat in order to get better view of the match. One of them even smack the two boy couple of times and ask them sit down.

Korean little kid

Saw this little cute Korean boy and can’t stand to take few pictures of him. What impressed me the most is that this kid is so brave that during the match, he wanted to use the bathroom and his parent asked him to go by himself. I mean is a long way down to the toilet and the condition of the toilet wasn’t that pleasant at all, let just say it was dark. Eventually the boy without thinking much about it and went ahead to the toilet by himself, alone.

Korea vs Iran, korean shouting
The Korea and Iran supporters shouted during the entire match making the atmosphere in the stadium so lively.

Half Time
The match ended in 0-0 after 90 minutes and stands in this way for the entire extra time and went to a penalties shootout.

Line up for penalties shootout
Both team lining up and wait for their turn to take the penalty kick. It must be a nervous moment for the players. Always amaze how these players can hold up their nerves and handle the pressure from the supporters.

Korea vs Iran penalties shootout

Korean won the penalties shootout
In the end, the Korean won the match against Iran 4-2 in penalties shootout. Even though we didn’t see any goal from this match but we did enjoyed the actions and is our first time watching a penalties shootout live!

Korean Fans
Delighted Koreans celebrating as their national team advanced into Semi-Finals. We are happy as well to see the Korea won and celebrated together with them.

Korea vs Iran, Half Time
Applause for all the support shown by the Korea supporters in this match.

Korea vs Iran penalties shootout final score
In the end, we enjoyed the match very much and happy to see the Korea advanced their way into Semi-Finals. Too bad I can’t make it to that match at Bukit Jalil but the journey stopped for the Korea team after they beaten by the Iraq in their second consecutive penalties shootout. I was hoping to see them in the Final but I guess their gas ran out after some tiring matches.


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