Posted by: whatagoal | August 8, 2007

Champions Youth Cup 2007: Opening Day

Malaysia v Bayern München

Yesterday night was the opening match for group A and D and we already have 6 goals and 2 red cards. We saw plenty of actions and certainly entertained the spectators. How our boys doing on the opening match? Well, the Malaysia team could have earn a point against the German side, Bayern München but Viktor Bopp ended the hope by scoring a goal from the free-kick provided by Diego Contento in the injury time after a sloopy defending by the Malaysia team. Some fingers were pointed and blaming toward the lack of concentration in the final moment and eventually cost them at a draw. Bayern München found the touch with a goal by Giancula Simari deep into first-half stoppage time but Bayern’s captain Bjorn Kopplin scored an own goal in 55 minutes and put the game level again.

Bayern München certainly deserves to win this match against the Malaysia after creating number of chances and the Malaysian boys have themselves to blame after giving away a freekick in the last minute. Malaysia allowed too much space and made some mistakes which they have to work on it in order to improve their game in the next match. In the other Group D match, PSV Eindhoven beat Chelsea by 1 goal scored by the substitute Nigel Hasselbaink in the 47 minute.

In the Group A opening match, we saw Flamengo draw 1-1 against the Italian side, AC Milan and a goalless draw in the match between Ajax against Arsenal. It is certainly difficult and different surroundings for all the boys with the humid conditions in Malaysia and the poor pitch conditions. We saw this affected the team during the Asian Cup and was not helped by these conditions.

Yesterday night results:

CR Flamengo 1-1 AC Milan
Malaysia 1-2 FC Bayern München
AFC Ajax 0-0 Arsenal FC
PSV Eindhoven 1-0 Chelsea


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