Posted by: whatagoal | August 9, 2007

Champions Youth Cup 2007: Match Day 2

Porto youth squad

Tonight is the match opening for Group B and Group C or the group of death as many describe it. We saw another goalless draw match between Qatar against Juventus in the earlier match group B. Barcelona beat PSG, 2-1, in Kuantan and both of Barcelonas goals were scored by David Rodriguez, while PSG’s solitary goal was scored by Ted Bolongo.

But it was different case in group C which we saw 5 goals and 4 of it came from the match between Boca Juniors against Inter Milan. This match produced a lot of actions as we can see from the score line and the game ended in a 2-2 draw, which we saw Boca Juniors has the last chance but it didn’t happen for them when their strike hit the post from a free kick.

Barcelona vs PSG

In the latter group match, we have the Portuguese side, Porto against the English side, Manchester United. Both youth squad is very well known for their talented players and we saw this quality produced from this match. It’s surely an exciting match to watch and the crowd enjoyed a lot. Many local supporters turn up for this match in order catch some actions from these young boys. Porto have the control in the early minutes and created number of chances but just couldn’t have a clear cut chance to find an easy goal.

After the earlier control by the Portuguese side, Man Utd took the game in their hand and created some golden opportunities. Febian Brandy was a handful for the Porto side with his pace that really looks threat for the Porto’s defenders. This eventually cost them a goal in the 19th minute when Porto’s defenders thought some of the United player were in offside play but they certainly didn’t have the intention to pursue the ball and this let to create an opportunity for Brandy where he wasn’t in offside position and continue chasing the ball with his pace and coolly chipped the ball pass the goalkeeper, Ruca who was far away from his goal line.

Juventus vs Qatar

Manchester United holds on to their lead but they surely have the intention to find the second goal as they created number of chances in the 2nd half. Brandy again had a golden opportunity in penalty box but Ruca saved his shot brilliantly. Brandy was still a threat to Porto side with his fast pace but he unfortunately had to be substituted out due to a kick on his face. It’s certainly looked painful and United don’t want to risk anymore and decided to substitute him. Man Utd looks very much in control towards the end of the match and secured the lead till the 70th minute and gets all the points they deserve. Some controversy happens in the final whistle when the Porto players complain about the referee ended the match too earlier than they expected. This was clearly showed on the big digital clock in the stadium showing that the match was just played for 69 minutes but the referee stand on his decision by showing his watch that clearly stated 70 minutes included the stoppage time.

Tonight Results:

Manchester United 1-0 FC Porto
Barcelona 2-1 Paris Sanit Germain
Qatar 0-0 Juventus
Boca Juniors 2-2 Inter Milan


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