Posted by: whatagoal | August 10, 2007

Malaysian boys boleh!

Malaysia Flag

Kudos to our Malaysian boys who fought even so well to held a goalless draw against the top English side, Chelsea. We witness some hardworking and determine young boys fought against the top team, Chelsea who is one of the favorites to win this tournament. Both teams went to this match with zero point and desperately to get some result from this match if they still want to stay in this competition.

The pressure certainly is on Chelsea but nevertheless; the Malaysia side has their own problem as well after what had happen during the Asian Cup. The supporter has asked questions about the football quality in Malaysia. FAM surely deals with a lot of pressure from the press and the supporter recently. Both team look well prepared for this match and determine to battle through for 70 minutes.

Good numbers of crowd turn up for this match as we saw 10,000 local fans gather up bringing the Malaysia flag together with them to show the support. Too bad I couldn’t make it to the match because it was played in Kuching but I was able to catch the actions from live telecast on TV. Let us talk about the differences between our boys compared to the Chelsea boys.

Chelsea is well known with their top class facilities and coaching staff. After Roman Abramovich taken over the club, he invested a lot of money not only to the first team but also into the facilities and the most importantly, the youth development academy. The youth academy in Chelsea consider as a world class side with the right person for the right position for all the young boys who also experience a lot especially with the first team coaching stuff. Chelsea hired some world class coaching staffs that have a lot of experience working with young talented players. But as for the Malaysian boys, the squad only started training together for 1 month and has no any experience compare to other top youth side in this tournament.

But I have to say our Malaysia under-19 coach, Robert Albers done a very good job with the Malaysian young boys given only a month time to train and gel them together. When the press interviewed him about the football development in Malaysia, he explained the reason why our national football quality still haven’t reach they level we expected and after hearing what he have to say, it does make all the sense. He even asked us to stop criticizing and keep showing our support to the Malaysia football and especially to the Malaysian boys out there. We are looking to challenge the top team and not to challenge the result.

After hearing what our youth coach said, I really do believe FAM is doing what they can to improve the football quality in Malaysia. Ok, back to the game now. In the previous match, we saw the Malaysian boys allowed too many space and lacking some concentrate during some occasions but they did work on it and we saw the improvement in this match. To all surprise, is Malaysia who started strongly not only in defense but also in attacking. The boys’ look really determines and showed a lot of character to prove the hard work they have put on.

Malaysia chased every single position and played with a lot of aggressive, launching some well timing tackle to stop the Blues in attacking. Malaysia who was in control during early minutes and tries to take on the Blues with some counter attack. The Malaysian boys not only showed a lot of character out there but also demonstrated a lot of confident on the field. They even displayed some football trick towards the Chelsea defender in order to get pass them and they successfully did it in some occasion. Is good to see them play in such a confident against the topside. The Malaysia have a good chance from the free kick but the shot was well saved by the Chelsea goalkeeper, Niclas Heimann.

Chelsea did have some good chance in the first half but Malaysia defense worked so hard in order to keep the score line level. Kudos to the Malaysian goalkeeper as well, Khairul Fahmie Che Mat who saved some important shot from the Blues and try to made himself as big as possible in front the goal. The Malaysian boys surely pleased the 10,000 supporters in the stadium with their hard work performance. Malaysia certainly the better side in the first half playing with a lot of confident passing the ball around and attacked the Chelsea defense.

But the Malaysia seems to lose their momentum in the start of the 2nd half and certainly looks danger in few occasions. Chelsea attacked more in the wide area with Miroslav Stoch leading the way. He surely created a lot of problem for the Malaysian defenders with his pace. But the hardworking Malaysian defenders won’t give up so easily protecting the penalty area together with their goalkeeper. Chelsea does look in control but they are about to get frustrated when the time running out for them. Malaysia took back the control in the closing minute with determination to share the points with the Blues.

Malaysian boys

After the final whistle blow, the boys and supporters celebrated like they have won the match and the feeling was so great watching these young boys working so hard to challenge some topside in this tournament. I have to say, it was quite touching to see the supporter gave their applause to the boys and this certainly mean a lot to them. The 3rd match will be play in Kuala Lumpur and the number of crowd certainly will increase after watching the display showed by these boys. They are still in the running toward the quarter-final but they will need to win the following match against PSV Eindhoven.



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  2. Woow. unbelievable Malaysia’s boys

  3. Too bad they lose to PSV and can’t progress to quarter-final.

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