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CYC 07: Flamengo v Ajax, Malaysia v PSV Eindhoven

Since Malaysia hell a goalless draw against Chelsea, the team is plenty much in the running towards the quarter-final but they have to beat PSV Eindhoven in order to progress. I really hope the Malaysian boys will do well in the final group match and progress much farther in this competition. But playing against PSV Eidnhoven is not an easy task compare to others. Finally the match came to Kuala Lumpur so the fans over here able to can catch some action from this tournament. I definitely don’t want to miss this game where Malaysia has the chance to progress. The match was played in Cheras, KLFA football stadium.

Youth Cup 2007 Match Ticket

Reached the stadium slightly earlier to purchase the ticket, which priced at RM12 for two matches. With every ticket purchased, everyone got a chance to win a trip to London to watch Chelsea playing in Stamford Bridge. Certainly hoping to win but it will be better if the trip is to Manchester! Don’t care so much about it first, filled up a little form that attached together with the ticket and dropped into the lucky draw box when entering the stadium.

Ajak Youth Team

The first game to be play is between Flamengo and Ajak. Number of crowd for this game wasn’t much but I believe the number will increase later on when many of them are actually wanted to watch the second game between Malaysia against PSV Eindhoven. Is always good to reach earlier for a football game where you can find a nice seat and settle down where you also able to watch the teams warming up before the match start.

Ajak vs Flamengo

It should be a tight game between both sides but Flamengo looks the better side with already collected 4 point while Ajak have only collected 1 point so far in this competition.

Ajak vs Flamengo

Shake hand before the kick off. Hope to see some football tricks from these Brazilian boys.

Ajak Youth Squad

Photo shooting for the Dutch side, Ajak. Since both Dutch sides are playing in this competition, it attracted some Dutch supporters into this match where by a group of Dutch family just sit next beside me in the same row. I hope they will enjoy the match and also, Welcome to Malaysia!

Ajak v Flamengo

Flamengo are wearing red & black jersey and as for Ajax, the boys are all in blue color. Kick off at 6.40pm and the match only play for 70 minutes plus stoppage time.

Ajak v Flamengo

Both team started well in the early minute but it was Flamengo who starting to take control in their hand later on and pressured the Ajak’s defense. Ajak only can play defense and surely having some hard time holding the ball longer and this credit to the Flamengo boys who closed out every position play by the Dutch. As the game go on, Flamengo surely looks the better side to score and win this match. They did found a goal in the second half and held the lead till to the final whistle. In the end, Flamengo win the game by 1 goal and the result disappointed some Dutch supporters in the stadium, maybe some better performance for the other Dutch team, PSV Eindhoven in the second match.

PSV Eindhoven v Malaysia

The number of crowds certainly has increased and many of them are here to support Malaysia. This changed the atmosphere in the stadium and increased the level of noise. Is getting nervous and wondering how our Malaysian boys will do in this match. Really hope they will win and proceed to the quarter-final.

Malaysia youth team warming up

When the Malaysian boys came out from the dressing room, the supporters gave them a standing ovation for their good performance so far in the competition. They certainly deserve it and this will surely give them a boost for this match.

PSV Eindhoven v Malaysia

PSV Eindhoven look very relax during the warm up. I think they have a lot of confident for this match and surely love to collect all the points and advanced to the quarter-final after Ajak has been kick out from the competition.

Malaysia Youth Team

As for our Malaysian boys, they look pretty confident as well after a good performance displayed against the blues. They work really hard to get the result from that match and the supporters will be hoping for extra effort again in order to get their first win in this competition.

PSV Eindhoven v Malaysia

Felling extremely tension now and I think all the Malaysia supporters feel that way I do was well. Really hope to see Malaysia advance to the quarter-final and this will mean a lot for the next generation in Malaysia football.

PSV Eindhoven v Malaysia

All was good when both team shake hand before the game start but is about to get ugly later on. The game started differently compare to Chelsea match when Malaysia have the control but not for this match. It was PSV Eindhoven who started well and made our boys chasing around the ball in the first half. Clearly Malaysia have no chance to attack when they can’t even hold the ball long enough to attack. But I can see the boys work really hard to close down every play and hopes to win back some possession for their team.

PSV Eindhoven Team Photo

But they are about to get disappointed when PSV Eindhoven scored twice in the space of 10 mins which really upset the Malaysia supporters. But the boys and the supporters haven’t given up yet because they are still a plenty to play about. They just need to score 1 goal back to keep the game alive. But it didn’t happen for them as the second half played the same way as the first half ended.

Some controversy happens in the 60 minute when several players involved in a fight. Lars J H Hutten certainly feels that the Malaysian boys played too roughly and this lead to some dissatisfaction towards the Malaysian boys. It was him who started the fight by pushing one of our boys. After that, the supporters got involve as well by throwing bottle missile toward Lars J H Hutten. Eventually, the referee has to send him off and the match get carry on.

PSV Eindhoven ended Malaysia hopes but the Malaysian boys still earn the standing ovation from the supporters for their effort in this competition. Once again, the Malaysia football looks bright again after what have the Malaysia under-19 have displayed in Champions Youth Cup. They certainly have gain of a lot of experience from this tournament and hope this will stop the criticism and start supporting our Malaysia football team.



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