Posted by: whatagoal | August 22, 2007

Malaysian defender Asraruddin is wanted

Malaysian defender Asraruddin

Malaysia government has been investing a lot of money to bring all the top sides from around the world and organized the first edition of Champions Youth Cup in Malaysia. This tournament certainly brings a lot of benefit to Malaysia football especially to the youth system. Our Malaysian boys definitely gain a lot from this competition and improved not only their game but certainly their mentality as well.

One of our boys impressed PSV Eindhoven, which has one of the best youth development programmes in the world. Malaysian defender Mohd Asraruddin Putra Omar has a good tournament with his good left foot, fast pace and good passing skills impressed the PSV Eindhoven youth coach. Asraruddin, a leftback and also capable of playing centreback positions not only defended well in this competition but also created a lot of movement in attacking side.

“We saw player No. 3 (Asraruddin) play against us and the match before and we came away impressed. We would like to take him to PSV for a few weeks and see more of him in action. We have spoken to Jonathan Price (Chairman of the Gifted Group) to assist us in getting the player to PSV as soon as possible.” said PSV coach Peter Dekkers

After watched Asraruddin’s performance, PSV Eidnhoven liked the player so much that they are offering him the opportunity to attend a two-week stint at the club with the intention of joining the club’s youth programme. Asraruddin not only impressed PSV coach Peter Dekkers, he also caught the attention of PSV’s International Scout, Piet de Visser.

“He is a good captain and has a good left foot. He is very strong, fast and has good passing skills. Many defenders just defend well but are unable to create moves, this boy can do both very well. We look forward to having him at PSV.” said PSV’s International Scout, Piet de Visser

This certainly will mark the beginning of a new era in Malaysia football where by over the years, Malaysian players have undergone training stints and attended trials in Europe but always with clubs from the lower divisions. This is the first time a Malaysian player has been called up by a leading European club and hopefully more will follow.

“I hope other footballers in Malaysia will be inspired and encouraged to follow in Asraruddin’s footsteps. He has proven Malaysians possess the ability and talent to play football at an international level.” said Robert Alberts



  1. I heard about this a while back but have only just come across the background to the story. I noticed there were some complications after this date and wondered how everything was going.
    I’m based in Japan and have often told people here about the potential in Asian football and that there should be great interaction between J-clubs and the rest of Asia. This story only strengthened my belief and I hope to help create more opportunities for top players in the future.

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