Posted by: whatagoal | October 8, 2007

Previous draft: Inter vs Juventus

It’s has been a while since I post anything in this blog. I saw there are few drafts that I haven’t finish writing and publish yet, so I decided to clear out some of the draft before starting a new post. Anyway, not much a post actually, just some pictures I took during a football match in Champions Youth Cup 2007. Enjoy the pictures from the match between Inter Milan against Juventus.

Inter Milan vs Juventus 

Quarter Final match between two italian clubs. Both teams making their way out to the pitch.

Inter Milan vs Juventus

Inter Milan as usual in their blue and black uniform and as for Juventus, they are in all white.

Inter and Juventus team photo

Team photo shooting before the match started.

Inter Milan vs Juventus

Kick off. Ready for some action?!

Inter Milan vs Juventus

Can you see where is the ball?

Juventus celebrate

Goal!! Obviously Juventus are too strong for Inter. They are totally in control through out the match.

Juventus corner kick

I took different pictures of set pieces from this match. The first one is the Corner Kick.

Inter Milan penalty kick

Inter Milan was awarded a Penalty Kick and had a chance to put one back but they failed to score from this spot kick.

Inter Milan free kick

They tried their luck from Free Kick but just couldn’t find the ball back of the net.

Inter Milan red card

Inter Milan hope ended when they were down to 10 men with a red card.

Juventus won the match

To my surprise, they are many Juventus fans came during that day, even more than Man Utd fans.

Match ended

The final score was Inter Milan 0-2 Juventus, goals scored by Daud and Pasquato. It was an entertaining game overall and Juventus have another clean sheet in their hand and look really strong in defense. There will be another draft about Champions Youth Cup I haven’t published yet. Is the Final match between Manchester United against Juventus played in Bukit Jalil.



  1. haha finally u updated, anyway Juventus youth really strong man. but sad case the stadium doesn’t full.

  2. haha…. from the request by u and jian, then update a bit but also some old post 🙂

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